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From Linda Sandel Pettit, Ed.D.

Don’t hesitate to work with Michael of Zorba Editing! I was given his name by the author of another, best-selling manuscript he worked with. She, also, had been deeply impressed by his work.
As an author, it matters to me that those who work with my words treat them with respect, devotion and a sincere desire to contribute to the project’s evolution for the better. From the start of his indexing work on my book, I sensed Michael’s passion and commitment to honor his word and excellence. He was encouraging, clear and professional. The process was clear. The timelines were clear. The follow through was clear and uncomplicated.
The competence of his indexing and proofing was stellar. He caught almost forty small typos and goofs [including misspelling of a famous author’s name] that five other excellent proofreaders had missed! This is no small thing for an author who desires excellence. His indexing work was intuitive and thorough.
I am truly grateful to acknowledge that he played a role in bringing an important part of my life’s work into form.

Linda Sandel Pettit, Ed.D.
Author, Leaning into Curves: Trusting the Wild Intuitive Way of Love
[March 2024 release]
Internationally known speaker, consultant and mentor