Meet the Team at Zorba Editing

Michael Pastore, Editorial Director

Michael’s great goal in editorial collaboration is to make your ideas clearer, your characters rounder, your sentences crisper, your style more natural and alive.

The ideal editor stays true to three essential principles.
1. Do no harm: Preserve the genuine voice of the author.
2. Swear by Leo Tolstoy’s motto: “Clearness, simplicity, conciseness.”
3. Always allow the author to make the final decisions, large and small, about every aspect of her/his book.

Michael has written more than 20 books, some fiction, some poetry, some nonfiction. He has edited and copy edited novels, poetry, and nonfiction works in many themes: children, childhood, parenting; self-help and self-development; humanistic and positive psychology; life coaching; technology and how-to; eastern wisdom (literature, philosophies, and practices); biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs. In addition, Michael is a master-rated chess player (and founder and President of the Ithaca Chess Club), and currently studying Artificial Intelligence, and he loves working with books/essays about chess and AI as well.
A voracious reader, his personal collection of the world’s best books contains more than 10,000 volumes. One Halloween evening, a young becostumed child stepping into Michael’s living room, then shouted perplexedly: “Mom, why are we trick-or-treating in the library!”
Michael writes: “I never miss a deadline, and always give the utmost care and personal attention to every project. I am proud of my harmonious rapport with each client: despite the rigorous work — of writing, rewriting, and rewriting more — we enjoy working together.”

Ann Warde, Academic Editor
(Academic books, PhD and Masters Theses)

Among her contributions to scientific publications are Recent occurrence of marine mammals and sea turtles off Angola and first report of right whales since whaling era, Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom (2023), and Seasonal acoustic occurrence of blue, fin, and North Atlantic right whales in the New York Bight, Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems (2018).

Ann is a specialist in attention to detail and in constructing clear, logical presentations of ideas, histories, and data. Her expertise in stylistic and grammatical editing stems from her own doctoral studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, which focused on practical, technical, and scientific study of computer music composition, as well as on ethnomusicological studies of Indian and Indonesian musics. She holds a B.A. from the University of Michigan in anthropology and music, and an M.A. from Wesleyan University in music composition with studies in South Indian and Indonesian musics. Her work has been recognized by a Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching and Research Fellowship at Cornell University and a US-UK Fulbright Research Fellowship at the University of York (UK).

Fluent in the Chicago Manual of Style, Ann’s professional editing experience includes copy editing of a Cornell PhD dissertation on experimental film history for a native Italian speaker, and serving as a peer reviewer for articles published by the Orpheus Institute (Ghent, Belgium). She has also served as an application reviewer for US-UK Fulbright Fellowships and for New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship awards. Her skill in scientific writing is informed by her ten years as an analyst and team leader in bioacoustics at Cornell University.

For a more complete listing of her publications, please visit her website:

Eva Sofianou, Editor

Eva Sofianou is an editor and avid book lover. Her main areas of expertise are Greek Philology, Linguistics, and the English Language.

Eva has many years of work experience in these areas: teaching foreign languages; proofreading, copyediting, content research, commentaries, artistic design/curation for publications; copywriting for books, brochures, catalogues, and websites; publishing/editing works in ancient or modern Greek, Latin, English and other European languages; translations and translation editing; secretarial administration; events of academic interest (e.g., conferences) and proceedings; and training university students who wish to work in publishing.

Since 2012 she has worked on various important projects for Zorba Press.